Townline is a
Down to Earth Company

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Like you, Townline has a story.

We started in 1981 with Rick Ilich building single-family homes. Soon, small projects got bigger and our portfolio expanded into multi-family, mixed-use, rental apartments and non-market developments in Metro Vancouver and on Vancouver Island.

Over the past 30 years, our company has grown from one man into a team of real estate professionals supporting an organization that handles all aspects of Development, Construction, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service and City and Public Liaison. We stay hands-on for the entire life of a project and, with tighter controls and greater efficiency, we believe our process creates the kind of residential and commercial places people want as their own.

Townline has earned a reputation as a respected, innovative and entrepreneurial company that prefers to set trends rather than follow them. Townline is a true market leader – built on ideas, responsibility and integrity.